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April 25, 2017

What Makes a Good Commercial Laundry Equipment Distributor?

Entering the coin laundry industry is a big upfront investment, with the average laundromat owner estimated to spend $150,000 to $300,000 per location. Although the average success rate of a laundromat is 94.5%, how do you set-up your business for ongoing success? Partnering with a good commercial laundry distributor is the answer. Distributors have moved beyond just selling commercial laundry equipment to laundromat owners, and have shifted their focus to provide business services to those looking to invest in the industry before, during, and after their sale. If you’re looking to enter the coin laundry market, then partnering with a quality commercial laundry distributor matters!

A Strong Service Department

Whether you’re going to equip your vended laundry facility with brand new equipment or purchase pre-owned machines, everything will need to be serviced at some point. Performing preventative maintenance is always suggested, but chances are a team of service professionals will need to do work on your commercial laundry equipment throughout its lifespan. Breakdowns happen, so when looking to partner with a distributor, seek out one that has a strong service department. This is one of the best indicators that you will be supported post-sale, allowing you to keep machine downtimes to a minimum and ensure that your customers are staying happy. Pittsburgh Laundry Systems recommends looking for a service department that:

  • Has quick response times
  • Performs preventative maintenance
  • Offers equipment installation
  • Dispenses on-call, emergency service
  • Provides tech support
  • Works on factory warranties

A Full-Suite of Commercial Laundry Business Services

In order to make your laundromat investment as successful as possible, it’s important that you partner with a commercial laundry distributor that provides you with a full-suite of business services. Distributors typically have a large amount of combined experience in the laundry industry and partnering with them allows you access to their expertise on what it takes to be successful in this market. A good laundry distributor will provide a combination of these business services:

  • Laundromat site search and demographic analysis
  • Marketing assistance
  • Help with launching the opening of your coin laundry facility
  • Technical & specification support to your general contractor
  • Equipment layout, floor plan, and blue line drawings

Financing Options for Your Commercial Laundry Equipment

Another quality to look for when selecting a good commercial laundry distributor is their financing options for your equipment. With Pittsburgh Laundry Systems’ nearly 45 years of combined experience in the industry, we know that investors looking to open a laundromat typically don’t have 100% of the capital to start, grow, and manage a successful laundry facility. If this holds true to you, don’t worry! When a distributor offers financing options for its clientele, they are committed to helping you achieve long-term success in your business. Flexible financing options that are laundry-focused allow you to acquire the equipment you need to be more productive, profitable, and efficient.

Pittsburgh Laundry Systems understands that partnering with a good commercial laundry distributor can be difficult. You’re investing your livelihood into the coin laundry industry and want to be as successful as possible in your business endeavors. When you partner with Pittsburgh Laundry Systems, you gain an extension of your team that is committed to helping you start, cultivate, and grow your laundromat from start to finish. If you want to partner with a strong laundry distributor, contact us today!

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