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What Makes a Great Laundromat Experience for Your Customers?

A laundromat should be more than just a means to an end for visitors. It can be a satisfying, productive experience that creates positive memories and encourages loyal, repeat customers. There are plenty of product and service offerings that you can provide at your laundromat to elevate the customer experience beyond a frequent errand. Consider these factors to evaluate your level of potential performance and satisfaction:


First impressions count, especially when customers are using your laundromat to clean their clothing and linens to make their own first impressions. Cleanliness is a top priority, along with attractive décor, updated furnishings and equipment and a welcoming and user-friendly layout. Even if your current budget doesn’t allow for major aesthetic changes, a fresh coat of paint or new lounge chairs can make a big difference.


Customers are at your laundromat to get things done and expect your equipment to provide top-notch performance. Pittsburgh Laundry Systems offers Huebsch washing machines and dryers, bringing an incomparable, consistent clean. A laundromat experience can be ruined when a customer’s equipment expectations aren’t met, so investing in high-quality washers, dryers and machinery is crucial.


Going hand-in-hand with performance, efficiency is another key factor in any laundromat visit. Time is valuable to customers and the faster they can complete their loads, the more worthwhile their visit becomes. Ensure that your layout and equipment are easy to use with quick clean cycles and user-friendly interfaces. Try to minimize the unnecessary time users spend before, in-between and after loads.


Most laundromats have at least one staff person on the premises or on-call to assist customers with faulty machines, questions or other issues. These employees should be brand ambassadors of your company, serving visitors with a positive attitude and excellent service. Helpful employees can make or break a laundromat experience and should be an integral part of customer encounters.


Get beyond the basics by adding extra services that provide convenience and delight to customers. What does your laundromat have beyond washers, dryers and carts? Consider adding one of these commercial laundry items to expand your offerings:

  • Change machines
  • Laundry folders
  • Flatwork ironers
  • Computers
  • TVs
  • Vending machines
  • Children’s area

Visitors may be more willing to visit and pay a premium if their laundromat provides enticing extras that the competition can’t match.

Learn more about opening a coin laundromat and how partnering with Pittsburgh Laundry Services can improve your laundromat experience on our website.