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Maintaining and caring for your laundry equipment is key to protecting your investment. While Pittsburgh Laundry Systems offers a trained fleet of service technicians, knowing how to perform basic preventative maintenance on your coin laundry equipment can help keep your laundromat running smoothly.

Repair Broken Laundry Equipment in a Timely Manner

If you notice that one of your laundry units is out of service due to a maintenance issue, get in contact with your equipment distributor right away. Pittsburgh Laundry Systems' trained team of service technicians will follow-up with prompt, timely service, usually responding to a call within 24 hours. With speedy service response times, manufacturer call centers, suggested maintenance schedules, and the internet, there is no reason to hesitate in fixing your out-of-commission equipment.

Added benefits of repairing your laundry in a timely manner include:

  • Great customer service to your clientele
  • Decreased utility costs long term
  • Avoidance of bigger maintenance issues

Follow Your Maintenance Program

Preventative maintenance of your coin laundry equipment may be on the back burner, especially if your machines are operating and generating revenue. Although they may still be making you money, ensure you are following your equipment's recommended maintenance program. If you find that there just isn't enough time to focus on upkeep, look to your laundry distributor to execute the program or create a small technician staff to service all your equipment locations. While it might be a bigger expense up front, long-term it will save you money.

Pay Attention to the Small Details

Remembering to perform all the small maintenance checks can be difficult. If you are short on time, make sure to take care of these essential maintenance tasks on a routine basis:

  • Clearing lint screens and vents
  • Keeping the doors of washers open when not in use to prevent rust and mold
  • Inspecting the water inlet valve hose connections to make sure there are no leaks or loose connections
  • Checking for and removing clogs in the drain valves or systems

Pittsburgh Laundry Systems offers a top notch service team that's second to none. Our technician group helps with anything from troubleshooting problems to making emergency service calls. Contact our service department today if you need help fixing your investment or see what brands we are here to service!