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Laundromat Card Payment Systems: Easy, Secure, and Convenient

With the use of cash as a payment method becoming more infrequent by consumers, adding a card payment system to your laundry facility will ensure a hassle-free experience for your laundromat customers.  Card payment systems offer cash-free options, providing your laundry clients with an easy, convenient, and secure method of payment.

Let Your Customer's Wallet Be Prepared

This card payment technology eliminates the unsecured features of cash-only payment methods. Reducing the risk of fraudulent money and coin-jamming, this system allows for electronic forms of money-loading onto an in-house loyalty card, thus eliminating the need for coins or cash. This prepares your customer's wallet to be able to use your laundry facilities at any time they need, boosting profits and increasing the user experience.

The Benefits Of Card Payment Technology in Laundromats

There are many benefits of installing a card payment system onto your laundry equipment, some of which include:

  • Convenient Payment Methods
  • Improved Customer Retention
  • Enhanced Laundry Equipment Features
  • Increased Profits
  • Secure Premises
  • Integration with Smart Phones
  • Simplified Vended Laundry Management

How Card Payment Systems Work

Card payment systems work as an add-on to existing laundry equipment or can be added to a new laundry purchase through Pittsburgh Laundry Systems. Pittsburgh Laundry partners with ESD and Card Concepts as vendors to provide these solutions and will help facilitate the purchase and installation process.

Power Your Laundry Facility with a Card Payment System!

If your laundromat is looking to add a card payment system, contact Pittsburgh Laundry Systems today, or learn more about our laundromat technology.