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Tips for Designing and Decorating Your Laundromat

Once you’ve found the perfect laundromat location, it’s time to make it your own. Designing and decorating your new facility can be one of the most exciting parts of opening and operating a laundromat. It’s also an important part of the process, since the look and feel of your coin laundry facility can help attract – or detract – new customers. Whether your laundry business is in need of an upgrade or you’re just getting started in the laundry industry, it’s time to get creative and make your space everything you dreamed it could be! Here are a few tips to follow when designing, decorating, and laying out your laundromat.

Invest in signage. Sign100617PittsburghLaundry 1

Exterior signs for businesses can be pricey, but it’s not something laundromat owners should skimp on or take lightly. It’s an important investment, and one that will continue to be seen day after day throughout the lifespan of your laundry business. The Coin Laundry Association notes that 76 percent of customers have entered a store based simply on signage. They recommend using a bold font and bright, contrasting colors on your sign. 

Have plenty of seating. Seating100617PittsburghLaundry

Your laundromat patrons likely plan to stay at your facility for a least one wash and dry cycle, if not more. That means you should have plenty of places for them to sit while they wait. Comfortable seating will help your customers relax and encourage them to spend more time in your facility. From outdoor benches to stools to modular seating units and metal furnishings, Pittsburgh Laundry Systems can help you choose the furniture to fit your laundromat facility.

Install a television.TV100617PittsburghLaundry

Since patrons may be waiting for a while, having a television in your laundromat can be a great way to help them pass the time while they wait for wash and dry cycles to finish. You may also want to consider cable or a streaming service to give them a variety of programming to choose from.

Have Wi-Fi available. WiFi100617PittsburghLaundry

Almost 70% of Americans have smartphones and about 45% have tablet computers, according to the Pew Research Center. That’s why having high-speed internet services at your facility can be a great way to attract customers and set your laundromat apart from the competition. In fact, 96% of people prefer frequenting businesses that offer free Wi-Fi.

Keep kids in mind. Kids100617PittsburghLaundry

The majority of your laundromat patrons are likely women with families, meaning children may be in tow when they visit your laundry facility. When designing your laundromat, keep youngsters in mind. It might be nice to have a special area for kids to play that includes some coloring books, toys, and games and a play mat or table. The activities will help keep kids occupied, which in turn will make parents happy.

Show off your style. Style100617PittsburghLaundry

Doing laundry may be considered a chore, but that doesn’t mean your laundromat has to be bland or boring. Even something as simple as paint color can play a role in influencing a customer’s mood and opinion of your laundromat. Things like bold artwork, colorful murals, and creative themes also can be a great way to attract customers and prompt them to share photos and spread the word about your business on social media.

Focus on high-quality laundry equipment. Equipment100617PittsburghLaundry

No matter what perks you offer or what your laundromat looks like, none of it will matter if your customers can’t complete their original goal – cleaning their clothes. That’s why high-quality commercial laundry equipment is the most important part of planning your laundromat design. You’ll want to make sure you have plenty of washing machines and dryers available, and use them as a driving factor in the layout and aesthetic of your laundry business.

Pittsburgh Laundry Systems is here to help you every step of the way when it comes to opening and operating your laundry business. Learn more about how laundromat technology is influencing the design and layout of laundromats or contact one of our laundry industry experts to start planning your unique laundromat design now!