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Laundry Equipment for Hotels

The lodging industry is valued at $490 billion globally and is expected to grow even further. As a hotel owner or manager, you know travel and hospitality competition is tough and that differentiation of your business is the key to success. As travelers’ expectations of accommodation providers continue to evolve to be focused towards on-demand functionality, how can your hotel put guests in clean rooms faster and provide them with high quality, hotel laundry services? Pittsburgh Laundry Systems’ on-premises laundry equipment is the perfect solution for motels and hotels that are looking to provide guests with a comfortable, convenient travel experience and save money on the bottom line while doing so!

 A Commercial Laundry Solution That Meets Your Hotel’s Needs

Pittsburgh Laundry Systems understands that your hotel has varying levels of laundry needs throughout the day, from personal guest items to high volumes of linens. Our on-premises commercial laundry equipment comes in a variety of options, so you can find a solution that works best for your capacity. Pittsburgh Laundry proudly distributes Speed Queen on-premises laundry equipment, that’s designed with cost-savings and the variability of hotel laundry in mind. When you choose Speed Queen, you receive these lodging-focused benefits:

  • Higher spin speeds to cut down on drying times
  • Lower utility costs
  • Equipment options that allow your hotel’s on-premises laundry facility not to oversize, increasing cost savings


 Flexible Control Options for Every Type of Load

From high-thread count linens to bathroom towels, your hotel launders a wide-variety of items on a daily basis. Speed Queen’s on-premises laundry equipment provides the hospitality industry with flexible control options on every machine. From start to finish, whatever your load includes, you can rest assured that the cycle is correctly programmed to extend the life of your linens and properly take care of guests’ personal items, all while providing unmatched efficiency.

Differentiate Your Hotel with Pittsburgh Laundry Systems!

On-premises laundry equipment is one simple way to differentiate your accommodations from the competition and keep up with the changing expectations of travelers. Cost-friendly wash cycles and flexible control options for all your hotel’s laundry needs, are just the beginning of the benefits you receive. Pittsburgh Laundry Systems has been providing hotel owners and managers with customized laundry solutions for decades. Our team understands the unique needs of the hospitality industry and we want to provide you with the commercial laundry equipment that your motel or hotel needs in order to be successful. If you’re located in our sales & service area, contact Pittsburgh Laundry Systems today!