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Advanced technology is being integrated into a wide variety of products and services, including the laundromat industry. Customers are looking for modern products with modern capabilities that maximize convenience. Check out some of these emerging laundry tech trends that focus on customer and facility owner convenience:

Card Payment Systems

Carrying cash is becoming more infrequent, coins included. For laundromats who offer exclusively coin-operated machines, this can be difficult for customers whose wallets aren’t prepared. Installing card payment systems from companies like ESD or Card Concepts provides a safer, more convenient payment method so customers don’t have to worry about having a specific type of coin, cash or even card at hand. Instead, users can upload money to the card and forget the hassles of receipts, change and card provider limitations.

Laundry Monitoring Systems

As a laundromat or laundry facility owner, understanding how your equipment is operating is important to improve energy-efficiency and identify maintenance problems. Laundry monitoring systems are equipped with software that helps you keep tabs on exact measurements of things like machine water usage, electricity usage, cycle time, payment history and more.

Resident/Customer Mobile Applications

Laundry facility users like to know when and how many machines are available at any given time. By integrating a mobile application into your laundry monitoring system, users can pre-plan when they’ll visit to avoid congestion. In addition, users can easily request service and get updates on when their laundry cycles are complete.

Visitor Technology Offerings for your Laundromat

Aside from your laundry-related technology, having extra tech-related amenities for customers is a convenient perk. Providing WiFi service, computers and TVs gives visitors accessibility and entertainment while they wait for their cycles to finish. This not only draws in customers, but keeps them comfortable and productive inside the facility.

Pittsburgh Laundry Systems is committed to helping laundromat and on-premises owners provide excellent laundry service for customers while maintaining profitability. By offering a wide selection of commercial laundry equipment products, services, parts and financing, we are equipped with the experience to assist your unique situation. Contact us today to learn more about how you can integrate cutting-edge technology into your laundromat.