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Laundry Equipment for Fitness Centers

Generating more than 80 billion dollars in revenue every year, the fitness industry is more popular than ever. With this comes unique challenges that you as a business owner face in capturing fitness center memberships. How do you make your facility stand out in a growing and highly saturated industry? Through providing added amenities like fresh towels and a clean environment, you leave members and employees feeling satisfied and productive, while differentiating yourself from the rest of the competition. Choosing the right laundry solution not only provides speed and efficiency to the high volume needs of fitness facilities, it also lowers costs that can be allocated to strengthening other areas of your business. Pittsburgh Laundry Systems' on-premise laundry equipment is ideal for fitness centers looking to be a step above the rest in a highly competitive market.  

High Performance Innovations to Keep Up with Your Clientele

Pittsburgh Laundry Systems is a proud Speed Queen washing machine and dryer distributor. Speed Queen boasts innovative technology and solutions to power any fitness center's high laundry demands, including:

  • Higher spin speeds to cut down on drying times
  • Lower utility costs
  • Programmable micro controls, ensuring wash flexibility for technical fabrics and other athletic grade gear

Fitness centers can use on-premise laundry equipment for a variety of needs, including:

  • Towels
  • Employee uniforms
  • Athletic accessories

Back Up Performance with Industry Leading Service

In addition to providing industry leading washers and dryers for the fitness centers, Pittsburgh Laundry Systems offers clients specialized:

Power Your Fitness Center with Pittsburgh Laundry

Investing in on-premise laundry equipment will save your fitness center money, allowing you to be more competitive and reinvest in your members to keep them happy and well. Pittsburgh Laundry Systems partners with each client to meet their unique needs. If your center is in Pittsburgh Laundry's service area, contact us today to learn more!