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Laundry Equipment for Salons & Spas

There are nearly 270,000 salons and barbershops in the USA, bringing in about $62 billion in revenue. That doesn’t even account for specialty spas, nail salons, and other beauty-based businesses. In this growing and changing industry, many salon and spa owners are searching for ways to improve their business and outshine the competition. While they may look to things like additional training and expanding salon services, many business owners overlook the role laundry plays in the success of their beauty parlor or salon. High-quality commercial laundry equipment can help take your salon or spa to the next level.

Laundry Equipment that Meets Your Needs

Depending on what services your salon and spa offers, a selection of towels, washcloths, aprons, smocks, and bed linens are just a few of the necessities -- and they’re likely to become soiled with dyes, oils, scrubs, and soaps. High-quality on-premise laundry equipment from Pittsburgh Laundry Systems is built with the speed and efficiency necessary to handle the unique laundry needs of the beauty industry.

At Pittsburgh Laundry Systems, we’re a proud distributor of Speed Queen washing machines and dryers. Speed Queen boasts the latest in laundry technology, including:

  • Higher spin speeds to cut down on washing drying times
  • Energy efficiency for lower utility costs
  • Programmable controls that provide wash flexibility for specialty fabrics and hard-to-wash stains

Having high-quality commercial laundry equipment on hand means you’ll always have the clean towels and linens you need to give your customers a top-notch luxury experience. It also means you can cut down on laundry time and utility costs, allowing you and your employees to serve more customers, expand salon services, and be more profitable overall. .

Industry Leading Service and Support

Just like you go above and beyond to provide all the salon services and luxuries your clients want, Pittsburgh Laundry Systems works to exceed the expectations of our laundry clients. In addition to providing industry leading washers and dryers for salons, we offer our clients:

 Pittsburgh Laundry Systems partners with each our clients to meet their unique needs. If your beauty salon is in our service area, contact us today to learn more about how commercial laundry equipment can help you save money, expand your service offerings, and delight your customers.