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Laundry Equipment for Health Care Facilities

Every year there are approximately 141 million emergency room visits and about 40 million inpatient hospital stays. Health care facilities see hundreds if not thousands of patients every day. While high-quality laundry equipment may be the furthest thing from patients and medical professionals’ minds during an emergency, commercial washers and dryers are critical to effectively run clinics, hospitals, and other medical facilities.

Since patients spend most – if not all – of their hospital stay in bed, clean linens, gowns, towels, scrubs and blankets are crucial for patient comfort and healing during their stay. More importantly, cleanliness can literally mean life or death in a medical facility. Quickly washing dirty linens helps prevent the spread of germs and bacteria that can cause infections and make people even sicker.

Top Notch Commercial Laundry Equipment  

In order to keep up with an increased influx of patients, it’s important that medical facilities have the latest, top-of-the-line laundry equipment on hand.  

Pittsburgh Laundry Systems is proud to be a distributor of Speed Queen washing machines and dryers that are built to meet the need of the high-volume and fast-paced medical field. Speed Queen boasts the latest in technology and laundry solutions, such as:

  • High vane agitators and patented baffles that are proven to clean better
  • Energy-efficiency that cuts down on water use and drying times
  • Cutting-edge Quantum controls that ensure wash flexibility and lower costs

We also work with other top laundry equipment brands like Huebsch, B&C Technologies, and American Dryer. Investing in high-quality commercial laundry equipment will help your health care facility be more competitive and save time, energy, and money that is better spent on patient care.

Support Patients with Industry Leading Service

We want patients to be happy and healthy as much as their families, doctors, and nurses do! That’s why we do our part to support our clients in the health care industry so they can focus on their patients. In addition to providing industry leading washers and dryers for the emergency rooms, clinics, and hospitals, Pittsburgh Laundry Systems also offers:

Pittsburgh Laundry Systems partners with each client to meet their unique needs. If your health care facility is in Pittsburgh Laundry's service area, contact us today to learn more!