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B&C Technologies Laundry Equipment

No matter which industry you serve, on-premise commercial laundry equipment provides an efficient and effective solution for your business’s laundry needs. Pittsburgh Laundry System is a proud distributor of B & C Technologies commercial laundry equipment that provides high quality machines and money-saving benefits to business owners. Whether you run a fitness center or nursing home, B&C Technologies is an industry leader in industrial laundry equipment, offering a complete line of products that fit any need.

Reliability Meets Affordable Pricing

B&C Technologies prides itself on laundry equipment engineered with fewer moving parts, reducing downtime and the need for additional maintenance costs. This added sense of reliability makes B&C a sound investment decision. The affordable pricing structure of their equipment allows you to provide your employees and users with top-of-the-line machines, ensuring high satisfaction, customer loyalty, and efficient operations.

A Comprehensive Line of Laundry Equipment

Positioning itself as an industry leader in commercial laundry equipment, B&C Technologies offers a comprehensive line of on-premise laundry solutions for your business. Supplying washers, dryers, ironers, and finishing, this broad product-line encompasses every laundromat need. In addition, B&C Technologies offers these great benefits:

  • Reductions in energy costs and labor expenses
  • Extended equipment lifespans
  • High quality components, reducing downtime and repairs


Partner with Pittsburgh Laundry Systems to Access B&C Equipment

Proudly distributing the laundry industry’s most trusted brands for over 40 years, Pittsburgh Laundry Systems provides its partners  access to top-notch, on-premise commercial laundry equipment like B&C Technologies. If you are located in our sales & service areacontact us today!