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Laundry Equipment for Apartment Buildings

According to the National Multifamily Housing Council, 1 in every 4 U.S. households rent. Are you a multi-unit owner looking to invest in on-premise laundry equipment for your apartment building? Not only do on-premise machines boost profits, they stimulate satisfaction for your tenants and create an additional amenity in your apartment building. With many households having high-volume laundry needs, Pittsburgh Laundry System's on-premise laundry equipment is the perfect solution for both owner and renter.

Boost Profits and Satisfaction in Your Multi-Unit Housing

Purchasing Speed Queen on-premise washer and dryers for your apartment building's laundry room or in-unit facilities, helps increase profits by allowing you to:

  • Charge more for rent
  • Attract better tenants who leave their housing unit in good condition, cutting down on maintenance costs
  • Add an extra profit center that increases your revenue exponentially, creating a high ROI

In addition to increasing your apartment building's revenue, Speed Queen's high productivity and reliability keep machines running efficiently and effectively, maximizing user satisfaction, cutting down on maintenance costs, and lowering utility bills. Adding laundry technology to your multi-unit laundry equipment helps drive business decisions, increases profits, and helps properly diagnose and fix your machines.

Let Pittsburgh Laundry Systems Power Your Apartment's Profit Center

The team at Pittsburgh Laundry offers multi-unit owners a full suite of laundry business services including financing, installing, and maintenance assistance. Our experienced team is ready to share our industry knowledge and product expertise to help you make your apartment building's on-premise laundry the most profitable and efficient it can be!

If you're a multi-unit owner, and your apartment building is located in Pittsburgh Laundry Systems' service area, contact us today!