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Laundry Equipment for Schools

Between juggling rigorous course loads, friends and relationships, extracurricular activities, part-time jobs, and family obligations, kids and teens have a lot of things to worry about – clean clothes shouldn’t be one of them. Installing on-premise laundry equipment in your school can help increase classroom engagement and attendance, improve hygiene and cleanliness throughout the building, and give students the best possible opportunity for success.

Help Students to Succeed With On-Site Laundry At Your School

With more than 43 million Americans living in poverty, doing laundry at home or a local laundromat facility may not be a financial possibility. That can impact everything from grades to attendance to engagement in the classroom as students and their families struggle to meet their basic needs. Attendance and student engagement, especially for students whose families are struggling financially, remain top concerns for educators and academic administrators. Having high-quality laundry equipment at your school can help eliminate the stress and anxiety that comes with not having clean clothes and allows students to focus on what’s most important – their education.

School laundry programs where students are able to discreetly drop off their laundry at school and have it washed by volunteers or staff during the day show extraordinary results when it comes to student success. Thanks to the laundry program providing clean clothes: 

  • More than 90% of kids in the participating schools came to school more often than they did before the program began, with an average increase of 6.1 extra days per year.
  • Teachers reported that more than 89% of kids participated more in class and extracurricular activities.
  • 95% of students interacted with their peers more.
  • Nearly all participating students appeared to be more motivated, teachers said.

Improve Your School’s Cleanliness and Hygiene

Besides offering a laundry program for students, schools can use high-quality laundry equipment for a variety of other needs as well, including washing:

  • Jerseys and athletic gear
  • Gym uniforms
  • School uniforms
  • Janitorial cleaning towels and rags
  • Serving aprons and hats used in the lunch room
  • Arts program gear as paint smocks, theatrical costumes, and choir robes

Having equipment available at school to regularly wash these items, which are often reused year after year by multiple students and staff, can decrease odor, kill germs, and help stop the spread of pests such as lice and bed bugs.

Support Education with Industry Leading Service

In addition to providing industry leading equipment for your school, Pittsburgh Laundry Systems offers clients specialized equipment installation, service and repair, technical support, and facility planning so you can spend your time focusing on educating our future innovators and leaders, rather than worrying about getting your laundry equipment up and running. Pittsburgh Laundry Systems partners with each client to meet their unique needs. If your school is in Pittsburgh Laundry's service area, contact us today to learn more!