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Huebsch Commercial Laundry Equipment

Whether you are a vended or on-premise laundry owner, Huebsch equipment gives you the peace of mind that your laundry facility will be operating efficiently and effectively. Pittsburgh Laundry Systems has a commitment to innovation and proficiency. Huebsch top of the line industrial washers and dryers help business owners make more money and boost customer satisfaction. Huebsch manufactures a diverse range of coin operated commercial laundry equipment to fit the needs of any laundry business, including:

  • Commercial Washer Extractors
  • Front Load Washing Machines
  • Top Load Washing Machines
  • Commercial Tumble Dryers
  • Single Dryers




















 The Benefits of Choosing Huebsch Commercial Laundry Equipment

Creating a great customer experience is the driving force behind Huebsch's unmatched innovation and efficiency. Pittsburgh Laundry Systems is a proud distributor of their commercial vended laundry equipment, which features benefits like:

  • Galaxy® control features, helping to reduce utilities and boost revenue
  • eBoost® technology that uses 33% less water per cycle and reduces non-wash water below the cylinder
  • User-friendly controls that allow you to offer customers time-of-day pricing and green cycle modifiers

Partnering with Pittsburgh Laundry

Whether you are looking to invest in your first laundromat, or expand your coin laundry operation to multiple locations, Pittsburgh Laundry is dedicated to providing you with more than just Huebsch commercial laundry equipment. Pittsburgh Laundry Systems works hand-in-hand with the Huebsch team to assist customers with the entire process from start to finish. As a Huebsch distributor, the Pittsburgh Laundry team will help guide you with our industry expertise to make investment decisions, including:

  • Navigating the municipal permits process
  • Working with local contractors to get a quality installation that meets all local code standards
  • Connecting you with ancillary products to enhance the customer experience like laundry carts, soap dispensers, and vending machines
  • Providing marketing assistance
  • Analyzing site selection and demographics to make a sound location decision

Let Pittsburgh Laundry Systems Help You Grow Your Laundromat Business!

Working together for over 40 years, the Pittsburgh Laundry team has a wealth of laundry knowledge and expertise. Our partnership as a distributor with Huebsch commercial laundry equipment allows you access to the newest innovations and technologies. In addition to top of the line industrial laundry machines, Pittsburgh Laundry Systems has special financing, business services, and more to help you make the most out of your laundromat investment! If you're located in our sales & service area, contact us today.