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Benefits of Financing Your Laundry Equipment

It’s not uncommon for investors and business owners to lack capital up front to purchase the commercial laundry equipment they need for their coin or on-premise laundry facility. That’s ok! That’s why there are financing options available! Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of financing your laundry equipment with Pittsburgh Laundry Systems.

Access to experienced laundry professionals.

While numerous financial institutions may be able to offer the funds to purchase equipment, working with a laundry distributor like Pittsburgh Laundry Systems gives you access to funds and industry experts. Working with professionals that have years of laundry industry knowledge, expertise, and insights will help make sure you’re getting the right commercial laundry equipment for your laundromat business and put you in the best possible position for success. It also means your account will be managed by someone who knows the industry, so you’ll be able to ask questions and get advice down the line.

We’ll develop a plan that works for you.

Every laundry business is different, which means every financing plan should be different too. Our partnership with Alliance Laundry Systems gives you access to a wide variety of financing options. We’ll work with you to develop a plan that works for your business and your budget.

Convenient, quick, and hassle-free.

We do our best to make it easy on you throughout the financing process and the lifespan of your business. Our partnership with Alliance means you have access to time-savers like online credit applications, pre-approval, and electronic account access. We’ll also pride ourselves on being quick and efficient in answering questions and following up with our partners.

You’ll get special promotions.

Because laundry is all we do, you can bet that there are regular deals and promotions on the industrial laundry equipment you’re looking for. We’ll keep you update on all the latest sales and promotions to help save you money.

Pittsburgh Laundry Systems has been helping commercial laundry professionals start and manage successful on-premises and coin-operated laundry businesses for decades. We’re dedicated to helping you throughout the life of your business. If you’re looking to start a new laundry business or upgrade your current facility, contact us today to discuss creative and helpful financing options!