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Laundry Equipment for Car Washes

Demand for the car wash and auto detailing industry has seen strong growth in the past few years, and is expected to continue expanding through 2022. In an industry where speed, service, and cleanliness are top priorities, high-quality on-premise laundry equipment can help you stay competitive and quite literally outshine the competition. Pittsburgh Laundry Systems has the laundry equipment solutions to satisfy the unique needs of today’s car washes. Here’s how:

Built to Handle Soaps, Suds, and Debris

With the various chemicals, soaps, cleaners, and debris that are utilized at many car washes, durability is an important factor when considering a laundry equipment investment. You’re going to need laundry machines that will stand up to the corrosion that comes along with being in a car wash facility. Washers, dryers, and extractors from top brands like Speed Queen and Huebsch are crafted to be durable and resistant, meaning they’ll serve you and your customers for years to come.

Fast and Efficient

When it comes to car washes and auto detailing, time is money. The more cars you’re able to wash, dry, and detail in a day, the more profitable your business is. Downtime simply isn’t an option.

  • High spin speeds in today’s washers cut down on drying time, so your towels and rags are clean and ready for use faster.
  • Washer-extractors can even remove enough water to allow staff to start drying cars with towels right out of the washer.

Overall, high-quality laundry equipment means you can wash more vehicles and provide faster, better service to your car wash patrons.

Easy to Operate

Many car washes have a staff of part-time employees and a relatively high turnover rate, so complicated controls that are difficult to learn and use is not ideal. Controls on today’s laundry equipment are built to be easy to set and repeatable, allowing anyone who works for your detailing facility to handle laundry. That means rags, towels, sponges, and rugs are being washed with the simple push of a button.

Let Pittsburgh Laundry Systems Wash Away Your Laundry Worries

The team at Pittsburgh Laundry Systems provides a whole selection of services that can help you succeed with on-premises laundry equipment at your car wash, including:

 All you have to focus on is washing and detailing cars, making sure you’re giving your customers the best service possible. We’ll help with the rest!

At Pittsburgh Laundry Systems, we help all types of businesses find the laundry solution that works for them. If you have a car wash in our service area, contact our team of on-premise laundry specialists to discuss the products and services that are right for your car wash and detailing business.