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May 1, 2017

3 Tips for Managing an On-Premises Laundry Facility

As a business owner, Pittsburgh Laundry Systems knows your time is stretched between day-to-day operations and working towards your goals. Whether you’re a landlord for an apartment complex or an owner of a fitness center, finding the time to effectively manage your on-premises laundry facility can be hard to come by. This essential component of your business acts as an additional profit center and an extra amenity for your tenants or staff. Putting in the resources to properly manage your on-premises laundry is the best way to keep business coming back and grow your bottom-line. If you’re struggling to operate your laundry room, here are three easy tips for better management!

 Consider Using a Route Operator 


As an owner of an on-premises laundry facility, you may be familiar with route operators. Laundry route operators have been helping landlords and other business owners who use self-service laundry machines keep up on maintenance, supply new equipment, and collect money. This partnership is something you should consider if you’re looking to shift the responsibility of up-keep on your laundry facility off your shoulders without bringing on any additional internal staff. If you’re currently working with a commercial laundry distributor, like Pittsburgh Laundry Systems, talk to their team about the logistics of a route operator and how to get in contact with one.

 Install a Card Payment System on Your Commercial Laundry Equipment PittCC

This option is perfect for on-premises laundry owners who have the resources to maintain the facility, but are looking to streamline the management process to be more efficient and effective. Installing a card payment system on your commercial laundry equipment allows you to accept multiple forms of electronic payments, monitor internal business processes more closely, and decrease the amount of cash pick-ups you need to do. This form of laundry technology can be added to any existing piece of equipment and provides convenience not only to your tenants, but to your staff as well.

 Make the Laundry Room Easy to Keep Clean Pittbroom

On-Premises laundry facilities see a lot of use around the clock. One of the best ways to cut down on the amount of time spent on up-keep for your laundry room is making it easy to clean. Cleanliness does not go unnoticed by users and a well-kept laundry room typically encourages everyone to respect the space and clean up after themselves, not to mention encourages users to come back again. Some easy ways you can drastically cut-down on the amount of time you or your staff spends on cleaning, include:

  • Placing numerous, lined trash cans around the facility for users to throw lint, empty containers, and other waste into
  • Hanging signs around the laundry room asking tenants or staff to keep the space clean
  • Providing various cleaning supplies in a visible area for people to use if there is a spill, stain, or another form of mess that needs to be addressed

Better management of your on-premises laundry facility is achievable in a few simple steps. Creating a space that’s easy to clean, manage, and maintain will help alleviate some of the stress you feel as a business owner. If you’re looking to gain the tools you need to set-up your laundry room for on-going success, then Pittsburgh Laundry Systems is the right partner for you. Our team has decades of experience in the on-premises laundry industry and provides the business services laundry owners need to successfully meet goals and grow. If you’re located in our sales & service area, contact us today!

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